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Home ... turned restaurant

Charentsi 28 Restaurant opened its doors in the summer of 2008.  The restaurant was transformed from a two-story old home into an establishment that could serve and entertain up to 90 guests.  The building was maintained without destroying its essence of a cozy environment.  Over the years, many guests have told us stories of how they used to visit the former home of a Russian language teacher, with admiration of the building not being destroyed. Throughout the past 8 years, Charentsi 28 has maintained its loyal clientele of all walks of life, including many well-known artists, politicians and more.

What's cooking?

Our menu has evolved and grown over the years, and is an exciting mix of foods from around the world. Our kitchen only uses the freshest produce and meats, including many spices and other ingredients brought from around the world.  We serve a great variety of salads, soups, appetizers and main dishes popular in Mediterranean cuisines, Thailand & India, Mexico and of course favored Armenian dishes, such as Manti, Eech and Yogurt Soup with Kofta (Matzunov Kofta).

Group dinners & special gatherings

With two floors, a balcony and front courtyard, Charentsi 28 has become a common place for many private gatherings, including birthdays and engagement parties, group dinners, tourist groups, and more.  Feel free to contact us for information.




Facade Couryard 1 Courtyard 2 Red Door
Lounge Balcony Upstairs Hall Private Room
Paper Bride Main Floor Cozy Corner Armenian Wines
Crete Feta Goat Cheese Nachos Ddmash
Eech Quesadilla Tomato-Ouzo Penne Desserts
We accept Armenian currency and the following credit cards:
amex arca mastercard visa
We are open everyday from 12:00-midnight, except for the New Year's holidays.
The restaurant is located in central Yerevan (Armenia), at Charents Street #28,
between Nalbandian and Sayat Nova Streets,
across the street from the German Embassy,
next to the ZigZag electronics store.
Phone: (+37410) 57-29-45